Family Travel Virgin

A safe place to talk about your first time…or prepare for it Let’s take a humorous approach to this because there is a very wide range of beginner family travel stories.  Some with lingering horror others with indescribable joy.  From the inconsolable child that cried for the duration of the entire flight or memory of…

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Parenting often feels like a never-ending track and field race with hurdles.  Moments when you feel that you are just about to catch your breath, there before you is another hurdle to jump.  Despite how drained or frustrated you may feel at times the truth remains that if you don’t jump the hurdle you are…

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Should I Travel With Kids?

family lying in park

I don’t know… should you?  Should you take what already often feels like a three ring circus on the road?  Should you challenge the collision of the unpredictable child with the unknowns of venturing to new places?  Should you test what may be your newly discovered embarrassment threshold?  If you really want my opinion, it…

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7 Tips : Selecting a Vacation Rental for Family Travel

people in living room

Over the years the past twelve years we have used vacation rentals in over 30 destinations. Selecting a Vacation rental for family travel can be challenging. We loved the flexibility it offers in accommodations and location.  Before we had children the choice was simple. Choosing based on a location, affordability and safety.  Now as a…

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