7 Tips : Selecting a Vacation Rental for Family Travel

Over the years the past twelve years we have used vacation rentals in over 30 destinations. Selecting a Vacation rental for family travel can be challenging. We loved the flexibility it offers in accommodations and location.  Before we had children the choice was simple. Choosing based on a location, affordability and safety.  Now as a family of six the selection process now considers seven key factors.  The key to selecting a vacation rental for your family is considering affordability, location, safety, convenience, medical care, layout and attractions.  When you decide on a destination and are ready to find a place to stay a vacation rental with Airbnb is the way for us. Here are 7 tips for making your vacation rental choice.


When selecting a vacation rental affordability is important. No matter how amazing your destination and how envious your Facebook friends may be of your travels, you haven’t accomplished anything if you reserve a rental that you cannot afford.  Every aspect of your trip will be stressful and far less enjoyable. Consider your budget first and foremost throughout your search.  Plan and save for what you want the way you want to have it.  


When selecting a vacation rental safety is important.  Read past reviews of neighboring rentals, hotels, etc.  Guests will often comment on safety and general comfort navigating a particular neighborhood.  We also discuss it with the host of the rental (while this is not fool proof it is a good starting point for your inquiry.) 


When selecting a vacation rental choose convenience. It helps to identify the nearest supermarket, pharmacy and other conveniences essential to ensuring a comfortable stay. The Airbnb host can answer related questions prior to booking. Upon arrival you may want to stock the pantry and fridge with basic essentials for your family. The amenities of a rental with a kitchen provide what you need to manage mealtime. On our travels we often go directly to the supermarket from the airport after picking up our rental car.  Although exhausted, this enabled us to hit the ground running when we settled in and heard the inevitable words, “Mommy, daddy,  I’m hungry!”

Medical Care

Medical care is another helpful consideration when selecting a vacation rental. How far is the nearest emergency medical facility, urgent care, etc.?  Children are children and it is important for us to feel comfortable knowing that assistance is nearby.


The floorpan and type of furnishings of the home are worth considering when selecting a vacation rental.  We would select the ground floor of a condominium unit rather than a balcony where available.  A unit with all glass end tables, coffee table and dining table would not be a first choice for us.  If bedrooms are on opposite ends of the rental and you are not comfortable with that those would be factors to consider. 


Depending on the destination you may want to select a vacation rental close to the activities that you are most interested in spending time as a family.  A vacation rental that works for your plans is important. A beach or a park, kids activities, museums, etc.  No matter where we travel in the world the kids always appreciate the freedom of space and time to run free together as a family.   


When choosing a property there are a few features that make it on our must have list including access to a washer/dryer, air conditioning in very hot climates, parking if we have a car and great wifi.

Selecting the right rental for you will take some research and also a bit of discovery as you travel as family, but for us a vacation rental with Airbnb is our way to a home away from home.