Parenting often feels like a never-ending track and field race with hurdles.  Moments when you feel that you are just about to catch your breath, there before you is another hurdle to jump.  Despite how drained or frustrated you may feel at times the truth remains that if you don’t jump the hurdle you are bound to fall flat on your face.   This is true as a parent of one child or four. You recognize there is a non-stop balancing act between trying to accomplish what needs to be done and maintaining your sanity.  As parents, this reality has presented itself more times than can be counted or remembered.  In those moments there is nothing left to say but Parenting….WTF?! While the more common use of the acronym WTF would be applicable, justified and totally understood by many, in this we are asking, Where’s The Fun?  You want to know where does the responsibility stop and the fun begin?  Where does the fun fit in to all of the work?  How?  When?  And with who’s energy?  

Yes, you love being a parent and consider it a privilege but perhaps you recognize it would take effort to find the fun.  Let’s become intentional in creating moments that would be enjoyable for us as parents to redefine the ever-present punch list of needs to be met.  The following ten activities are some go-to ‘special moment seekers’ that can instantly have transformed even the most overwhelming day to what often feels like magical moments, fun memories.   

Let’s start with these helpful tips to make the most of the time:

NO distractions -(phones, television, etc.)

NO competition – Our kids are very competitive and that can rob these moments at times from the bonding opportunities they are.

NO rush- A minimum of 15 minutes can be spent to have an opportunity to share a moment.

Go For A Walk

Are you in the mood to step outside?  From infancy a walk outdoors is energizing and soothing.  Grab the stroller, the scooter, wagon or nothing at all and just walk.  You can talk, sing or say nothing at all but this time together will create what you need on its own. A minimum of 15 minutes will feel as though time slowed down or even stood still for that moment.  

Read Together

Do you like to read together? Perhaps you like to grab a blanket and a book, stop everything and read together.  You can act out the story, read aloud, or simply turn the pages and talk about what you see.  It really doesn’t matter  what you do or how, by simply grabbing some books (magazines, supermarket circulars, etc.) you are all turning your attention from everything else to explore a world between your fingertips together.  A non-digital form of reading/browsing would be preferred because of the way the physical reading materials engage multiple senses and can be shared.  

Drop The Beat

Is everything better with music?  You can become a Disc Jockey and instantly create a dance party, or any musical atmosphere that is fun and interesting for everyone.  The type of music depends on your mood just remember this is supposed to be fun for you too.  NO toddler tunes if you won’t enjoy it.  The kids will be so happy to see you smile that they won’t care what is playing, your joy will be contagious. Spend a minimum of 15 minutes fully engaged together in this moment to ensure you connect with each other in a unique way. Get loose! 

Center Stage

You are never off key with family. Channel your inner karaoke king or queen and sing.  Set the stage, designate a place each performer will stand.  Ensure there aren’t any conflicting sounds, television, etc. that will compete with this moment.  Take turns singing a song of the performer’s choosing and be a fully engaged audience.  It can be as simple as ‘row row row your boat,’ anything is acceptable once you are willing to give it your best as a performer and audience member.  Encourage and enjoy each other. If you would like you can end by singing something together.  

Tea Time

Savor the soothing warmth of ‘tea time.’ An impromptu tea time gets you to sit, enjoy warm milk, tea, hot chocolate, etc. and a snack.  Turn your attention away from everything else and remove any additional distractions for that moment.  Talking is optional, it is a nice component but not required.  It is the time to sit, sip and snack together that connects you in that moment.  

Get Creative

Are you feeling creative? Stop everything and draw or color.  This is relaxing for everyone and will be comforting as you engage.  Everyone can have their own canvas or share one big sheet of paper, anything will do just have fun.  Pencils, crayons, anything will work.  For the babies feel free to let them finger paint with apple sauce, pudding or anything edible that you allow.  You can also tape their paper to the table or high chair tray to allow for independence. You can also add some music to inspire if you desire.

Build and Bond

Calling all engineers! Grab anything and build, blocks, recycling items, tape scissors, etc.  Try to build something, anything, together or individually.  Just commit to building, again turning off any external distractions will help to make this time focused and more engaging for everyone. 


Do you find fitness fun?  Feel free to put on any fitness video and do it together as a family.  Stretching, yoga, etc. is always fun to take 15 minutes to get moving together and encourage each other as we follow along.  You may also enjoy playing pretend fitness class each taking a turn to be the instructor directing the family’s every move.

Hide and Go Seek

Would you like to play a game?  Three rounds of hide and go seek will prove fun for all.  If you have abandoned your inner child this is definitely a great time to find him or her and embrace the joy of games.  This game gets everyone laughing and doesn’t take a long time to play.  Simply selecting the boundaries and areas in play and enjoy.  

Sitting Outdoors

Would you like to take a seat for a moment? Sitting outdoors- Think about it. Where is the nearest place to your home that you can sit down outdoors?  Then just go and do that.  Nothing else to do but to sit together. You can talk if you would like but not required just sitting outdoors will do.  My little ones are active so I always select a location that works for their frequent desire to stand and walk around a bit to explore. 

Listen Together

How about story time where you don’t need to read? An audiobook transports everyone to another location effortlessly. Pick a spot, get comfortable and turn on an audiobook.  Whether you commit to one story, one chapter or more, sharing the story will create a connection that is enjoyable for all.

So yes, parenting is a full load of a lot of things, difficult, monotonous at times and all consuming.  It is never strange to say WTF?!!! But when you do, if you are asking, Where’s the fun? Try one of these methods to see if it can help infuse some fun into your many parenting moments.  Hopefully you can make connections that build bonds and create moments that make beautiful memories. 

What fun will you infuse in your parenting today?  Pick one, or none, but definitely try to have a little fun.